finally!! i got my blog working~~~this whole evening i was like try to blog something but i cant...well... today~~~my company found a nice woking place for me to work , its quite nice ~~~with a big table,with light box,hifi set, and personal toilet thats great!!! i got another job besides of drawing my own comic,which work as a art director for a few comics in malaysia, i really want to thank my editor for giving me a chance like this.(to getting bz and bzer)

since the square sweet fans in taiwan wanted me to blog in english ,so i will continue everything in english~~hope you understand~~~
get mad today is ... i was "billed" by the police for double parking outside the bank~~~ $30 gone~~~ well, first time ever in my life~~~

hmm anyway, i think i will not often visit the forum anymore cause i am getting alo of job ,so if any comments bout the latest episode please comment here k??
anyway, i really appreciate you guys for supporting my comic in taiwan, so~~~hmm
love ya!!!

by the way, can you all really understand what am i typing?? hope so ~~~

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