walao eh~~~

ge mei lia~ famous malaysia kids comic~~~~~

The first time ever in my life~~~ i was invited by the malaysian education department to do and write a comic for the country(kid one la)... although they did not pay much but ~~~whoa~~~i feel so glad~~~ dad and mum~~i did what u all wanted...haha~~~

Today i went to wisma tan lai kim to have meeting with all those big bosses.... gosh~~~ feel so paiseh~~~~ they tok and tok and tok~~~~gosh~~~i was silent nearly 3 hours ++~~~~

by the way~~~ i might be finding some models to have a movie shooting ~~~~ haha~~~~coz my comic will be published and if its good result~~~the movie will follow up~~~~

sometimes i should say~~ so proud to be a malaysia kina(children in hokkien)~~~^^

hmm... hmm.... so happy till cant thing anything~~~by the way~~~~ anyone who interested in making comics please leave ur contact here~~coz~~~~ i might be hiring you(haha~~~the education department will pay gua..hope so la~~~)

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