what to say le??? juz wanna ask everyone a question~~~ plz give me a solution~~~~

what is a good man stands for???

an idea plz psot it~~~~


by the way.. at last i done my presentation today~~~~not really well~~~but i think i list ot the point i wanna present...

hmm... second sem is going to end soon, really cant imagine when our clz is separated , what will happen.....

hmm... from true heart i really glad to know a few good friends who help me and guide me alot of things, esspecially leong and sun (and others of course, cant write too much......hmm sorry ya.. ).. u two are really great frens~~~~ i really appreciate.. i duuno how to thank you ... i cant even speak out this kind of"gerli" word... but... once a gain thx.. i m glad to have u as fren

hmm....... hope we can have the last class party happily and crazily!!!!!!!!!!!!


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