sad+being cheated!!!

Today i was cheated by a few freaks!!!they say they are dunno what charity club at first ,then want me to send photo say for a charity poster ..they say they are collecting i like so stupid i sent~~~

Then after i sent they said they are the porn web poser!


they say they gonna cut and paste using my photo!!! damn!!!! they say pay RM250 to avoid this incident happen!!!

i was like so shock!!! haiz!!!nvm la.... if they want to do so oso because im too stupid~~~but ~~~i felt cheated and i scared they will do it le~~~spoil my image...

if someone email : add you ...ignore them~~~ they are bastards!!!! remember!!!!!!

especially girls... maybe they are juz liars or maybe is real .... beware!!!see how stupid am i~~~haiz~~~~~

i was like now still cursing them~~~~damn!~~~~~~y????arrgh~~~~ nvm .. god will stand by me~~~~~

hmm..... i miss my dad alot le~~~~hmmm~~~by the way gee hao~~~~ i love your mv~~~hahahaha.......

hmm nth much to say ~~~so moody~~~hmm... so everyone plz beware of what had juz happen to me~~~~ juz dun fall into the trap~~~ sigh~~~


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